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The talented Melissa H Francis (@mimosastudio) and I have collaborated to bring you the cutest pin ever! Her cute animals with my cute ladies? A match made in heaven!

Currently available in 4 colors,  my two are available here, a playful pastel and a dark but cute colorway. Head over to for a beautiful traditional palette and a lovely cooler theme for some winter vibes!

This is the first of the Yokai series, so look forward to more collaboration between us!

We hope you love her as much as we do!

What is a Kistune? キツネ,

Kitsune are Japanese foxes. Our’s specifically is off of the legendary Yokai Kitsune, which appear often in Japanese, Korean (Gumiho), and Chinese (húli jīng, the original that inspired them all!). They are spirits, and sometimes take the form of humans, or are known to possess women. The more tails it has, the older, wiser, and more powerful it is, with 9 being maximum. They are known as the servants of Inari, the Shinto diety of Rice, they can be tricksters, but are also very powerful and capable of dispelling evil.

What yokai would you like to see next?


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